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GC Biotech and difference between cancer and normal cells

GC Biotech is a company with the goal to improve the Healthcare from the people. They will do this by doing research. The outcome of the research will give information about how the new product should be to help with the research the scientist does. Research like curing cancer. They can cure cancer with the cells. This article is writing to explain the difference between cancer and normal cells. This article is also valuable for GC Biotech.

The first difference

The first difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell is that cancer cells are less specialized than normal cells. Normal cells have a specific function and cancer cells not. Cancer cells has no function and that is the reason they are bad.

The second difference

The second difference is that cancer cells continue dividing without stopping. Normal cells divide when the body needs cells. Cancer cells divide even as the body has enough cells. This will lead to tumours. A tumour is a bubble with extra cancer cells. That is the reason the doctors cut it away from the body if possible.

The third difference

The third difference is that a cancer cell can influence the normal cells, molecules and blood vessels to feed a tumour. This course that the tumour will grow faster. When the cancer cells influence the other cells, the normal cells forget the function they have. That will lead to a problem in the body. The body want a cell for a reason, so when the cell not coming to the place it should the body get weaker.

The reason why it should cure

Cancer is a big problem in the world and a lot of people have it. The people have a lot of problems and pain because of the cancer and that is the reason it should be cured by the scientist with the help of GC Biotech.